Sulfate-free body wash with mild eco-friendly ingredients that are vegan, biodegradable and free of harsh chemicals. Perfect for the entire family.

Available in five fragrances.

  • Keeps your skin moisturized
  • Keeps your skin smooth
  • Great for all skin types
  • Keeps your skin silky soft

Sage Leaf Extract

Lavender Essential Oil

Aleo Vera

Squeeze body wash onto puff or Mitra’s African net body scrubber and gently rub lather into skin during shower or bath. Rinse thoroughly.

Is this product good for all skin types?

Yes. Our products is great for all skin types—including sensitive skin.


2oz, 8oz

2 reviews for Lavender Body Wash

  1. Skm_review

    Love the smell of lavender shea body wash! The body wash was really good. It lathered well and left my skin clean. It didn’t leave my skin dry rather my skin felt really smooth!worth the try!

  2. Maria

    This is a great body wash. It’s gentle and never dries my skin. The lavender scent is very soothing.

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