Try our luxurious, all-natural scrubs and discover the joy of soft, supple, newly polished skin!⁣

Available in five fragrances.

  • Removing dead skin cells⁣
  • Helping to prevent acne⁣
  • Unclogging pores⁣
  • Encouraging cell turnover⁣
  • Helping other skin care products penetrate more deeply, increasing additional benefits⁣
  • Evening your skin tone⁣
  • Boosting circulation and stimulating collagen synthesis⁣

Grade A Unrefined Shea Butter

Brown Sugar


Apply to wet skin and rub all over body then rinse. For best results use while showering.

Experts recommend the use of a daily regimen to keep skin at it’s healthy best!

Is this product good for all skin types?

Yes. Our products is great for all skin types—including sensitive skin.

5 reviews for Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

  1. Anisha (verified owner)

    This scrub is like liquid silk for your skin, a must buy!

  2. Sandra Zivkovic

    I am an Educator in Holistic therapies and I am using all products from Shea Global in class my students love all products and one of their favorites is the coffee scrub. It leaves the skin so glowing and smells amazing.

  3. Galina

    Really fell in love with this scrub! Would really recommend!!

  4. Irina

    Highly recommended!!! Best scrub! All products are amazing.

  5. Tatiana

    I am the kind of person that wants to buy or have the best. The Coffee scrub is a dream for each of us, who loves the immediate effect, it removes dead skin, moisture and softens it. Leaves a feeling of baby skin after a bath. Plus to add it has an anti cellulite effect and on a weekly basis and constant use you can get amazing effects as I have! Best experience, thanks to the creator of this unique scrub.

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